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MORGAN: Good evening.
The royal wedding -- perhaps the wedding of the century -- is just two weeks away.
There was rehearsal today at Westminster Abbey in London with bride-to-be Kate Middleton,
 her bridesmaids, the page boys, and Prince Harry all in attendance. William stayed in Wales
 with his Royal Air Force unit.
But we have our own wedding exclusive tonight, the world premiere of a new song that
George Michael has recorded as a gift for the royal couple.

And George joins me now to explain what this is all about.

George, tell me all about this song. What gave you the idea for this?

GEORGE MICHAEL: Well, it's actually very, very -- well, the idea came to me last week,
actually, about a week ago, that I should -- that I should, perhaps, kind of express my happiness
 at this marriage in a way publicly. You know, it was a very beautiful summer -- it wasn't summer's day.
 But it was an April day that happened to be like summer here in London.

And I was twittering and kind of got carried away and decided I was going to make them a new track.
 Give everybody on Twitter and William and Kate a new track by Friday. So, I've had a very busy week.

And the strange thing about this song, actually, considering I think it's probably the best two days work
 I've ever done in my life, two or three days work, is that when I was a child, I dreamt of singing this song
 in my imagination. You know, my idea of fame at the time was the school assembly hall. I was about 12.
 And I had this record, this Stevie Wonder song. And I used to dream of singing it in school assembly hall.
 But I guess this is slightly bigger deal than that.

MORGAN: We're going to reveal the name of the song a little later when we actually play it for the first time,
 anyone in the world. It's very exciting. I can give a little hit that I wooed my wife with this song and Barack
 Obama wooed Michelle Obama with this song and played it at their wedding. So, you have chosen a -- well,
 an unbelievably romantic, historic song for this, George.

MICHAEL: Well, I think the compliment in terms of Obama, and I hope your wife doesn't blame me for
you guys getting together.


MORGAN: I wanted to talk to you, George, about your relationship with the royal family, because
 I obviously used to run several newspapers in Britain. And during that time, you and Diana were
 known to be good friends, and you had lots of fun times with her. Tell me about that.

MICHAEL: Well, I mean, we had a lot of -- we spent a lot of time together as friends and quite often,
it would be just the two of us and she'd always talk about how much she missed the boys.
 And how she kind of had her reservations about doing what her parents had done, sending them to boarding school.

But, you know, of course, they had a -- it's not, you know, it's all very well -- she loved to take them to places
 like Marks & Spencer and make sure they cued and make sure they understood that other people were just as important
 as them, and -- which is very typical of her. But I think she understood to prepare for a royal future, you're not really going
to make it if your education is down to the local comprehensive, you know?

So, I think the whole boarding thing she found very difficult, but was absolutely I think a fantastic mother.
 And I think, you know, I don't think there's any doubt that the child must have done a lot right in the years
 since she died because how else would those two boys have survived so amazingly well?
You know, I think they must have a great father as well as having had a great mother.
 Although, I don't know Charles, you know?

MORGAN: Yes, I met Charles a few times. I completely agree. I think that they've got bits of both
 their parents. And I think Charles and Diana -- if she was looking down --
would be proud on the way they turned out.

What was interesting to me, George, is I remember -- unless I'm mistaken -- that you were once
invited at a palace private function to sing for Prince William and you turned him down.

MICHAEL: Yes, I did. I know. It was a day I would have been taken to the town for that, wasn't there?
 I told people on Twitter last week that I was going to the tower, that it was, you know, first left to the
 lights after Morrisons and over the bridge.
Actually, I thing is, it was a very, very awful thing to have to do to say no to him because he's such a lovely man -
- such a lovely kid, you know? But the fact was I was at a Christmas party that Diana invited me to
 at Kensington Palace. The only other person I knew there was Elton.

And William came up to me -- the two came up to me. William asked me.
 He said, would it be OK if you sang a song, maybe Uncle Elton could play the piano?
 I was just -- I can't deal with singing in front of small crowds, so I had to say no.
 And it was, you know, it was excruciating.

You know, he was very polite about it. I can't believe I have to say no to probably,
you know, the future king of England. I really was too embarrassed to sing in front of strangers,
 you know? But I remember that -- I remember that night very, very well.

MORGAN: George, I mean, have you had any contact with the palace in relation this song that you've done?

MICHAEL: Only through a mutual friend who gave me -- I gave him the name of the song that
 I was going to sing and asked him at least to run it by them. If I was going to make a present, a wedding gift,
 I thought, you know, there's no point if it's a song they don't like. So, I ran the song by them.
 And while I was doing the vocal the other day, I got a text from my -- our mutual friend who basically
 said they loved the song and they'd be happy for you to go ahead with it.

So -- and also the main thing about doing the song as a gift for them is not just a gift for them,
 it's a gift that they will be able to hopefully turn into many, many donations for the royal charity,
the royalweddingcharityfund.org that is, you know -- which is where they asked people to give money
rather than send presents of any description. I don't know if that includes the people at the actual wedding,
 I don't know if they've given out their toasters and their, you know, their - the wedding list, as it were,
 but seems very generously that they have, yes.
So, anyway, I would really like for any of my fans, or anybody who really enjoys this track, if they're going to download
it for free, which is absolutely what I'm willing to do, I would like them to go to Kate and William's charity site and make
 a donation. You know, if they're genuinely happy for these two people, which I think a lot of people are, you know?

MORGAN: George, obviously, the whole world will be watching this wedding in a couple weeks.
 What do you think it means for Britain and indeed for the royal family to have such global attention?

MICHAEL: I think -- I think it -- well, there are two things about this wedding. I think, one, it kind of
reaffirms that people have no real intention of trying to get rid of them, which is great.

And the other thing is I think it really kind of -- it really shows how romantic we still are.
I mean, especially in such a dreadful time. You know, there are so many terrible things going on at
 the moment, so many people are struggling in this country and many other countries.

But the idea of two four-day holidays, because you have to understand, if you don't live in England,
that we have two four-day holidays with three days of work in between just about to happen in England,
 which has never happened, I think, Piers, in my history. What about you? What about you?



MICHAEL: No? I just think -- I think --

MORGAN: Unthinkable.

MICHAEL: -- people are going to go crazy. I really do.
I can think of a lot of people who will be taking three days off in a couple of weeks' time.

MORGAN: Tell me, George -- obviously, you knew Diana better than many people.
What do you think she would have made of Kate, who obviously she never got a chance to meet?

MICHAEL: Oh, I think she probably would have thought there was no woman good enough
for her son, probably like most women. But I think she probably would have loved her, wouldn't she?

MORGAN: Yes, I think so. She seems a very sweet girl, doesn't she?

MICHAEL: Yes, I think she seems very sweet. And she's also a complete --
she's a cracker, isn't she? She's great looking. She's great looking. I think the boy done well.

MORGAN: I didn't know you knew such things about that, George.

MICHAEL: Of course not. Of course not.


MORGAN: We're going to put the end of the show, the details exactly how everyone watching
 and your fans back in England, in particular, can listen to the song and then hopefully make donations to the charity.
 It obviously means a lot to you that you've done this. I'm sure it will to William and Kate.
I mean, what kind of message would you give to them on the big day when it comes up?

MICHAEL: Oh, I think they should -- I don't think they need any advice from me.
I think the message I would give -- I'm just incredibly happy for both of them. And more than anything,
you know, there was a kind of -- I have quite an emotional attachment to what's going on here because
 I felt so bad for those boys when she passed away, and having experienced losing my mother about
 three or four months before that, that day was very, very strange for me.

And also, you know, when I think of what -- the devastation of losing my mother, the idea of going through
 that when you're not into your teens or barely into your teens is just -- I just -- I can't just -- words can't describe how much
admiration I have for the way that they've both coped with it and especially when, you know, the media has made
 it so much more difficult for them. I'm just incredibly happy for -- incredibly happy for William, incredibly happy for his partner,
and I absolutely am sure that Diana would have loved the whole thing, you know?

The whole thing has kind of different levels of meaning for me. And I'm just incredibly happy that they're letting me actually,
you know, have some part of the benefit site, the charity site, you know? Or at least they're letting me share some of the
 attention for this amazing day in a way to raise money, you know, which is great.

MORGAN: Well, George, it's very exciting. I'm sure they're going to love it. We're going to come back at the end of
the hour with the world premiere of your song for Prince William and Kate Middleton. I'm going to reveal what the song is.

Coming up, the world premiere of the song George Michael recorded for the wedding of Prince William and Katherine Middleton.

MORGAN: I'm back now with George Michael for the world premiere of the song that he's recorded especially for the wedding
 of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

George, you went to Twitter to ask your fans to suggest a song that they could come up with.
 Have you based your final decision on a suggestion that came that way?

GEORGE MICHAEL: Well, no, to be perfect -- to be totally truthful, which I tend to like to be, I had this idea initially,
 but I thought that one, maybe they wouldn't like the idea, so I wanted something else as I =--
 because I hadn't recorded anything yet. And it was a matter of making a decision in the last couple of days.

So I thought if anyone comes up with any great ideas and, by any chance, Kate and William don't like the song,
then I would have some other ideas. But I think this one was the perfect one.
So I have to say this was my idea. Sorry, Twitter.

MORGAN: We can put everyone out of their suspense now, George. And so tell me what the song is.

MICHAEL: The song is called "You and I." It was recorded in 1972 and written in 1972 by the wonderful Mr. Stevie Wonder,
 who has just this evening waived the rights until way after the wedding.
So that's great news. It's all free. So you can download it to your heart's content.

MORGAN: People can see go on to the PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT website. They can see details of how to get to your website,
 GeorgeMichael.com, and also to the royal website themselves, where they can make a charitable donation.
The more the merrier. I think it's a great cause, George. It's a great idea.

I think it's entirely in keeping. It's a beautiful song, George. I am thrilled that you have given us this global scoop.
 And we are now going to play "You and I" by George Michael.

Thank you very much, George. (SINGING)

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