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8 juin 2010 2 08 /06 /juin /2010 12:30

George Michael with Neil Fox. Magic GM. Wed 15 Nov. '06

George - How you doing?

N - I'm very good indeed. where are you today?

G - I'm in Germany.

N - Ok. Is it all going fantastically?

G - Yes. It's amazing. We're on 30, today's show number 30 and we haven't had any problems yet, you know technically or anything. And the crowds have been fantastic, absolutely amazing all over Europe. But I'm desperate to get back to England.

N - It's been strange for me as well, because I've only read out headlines about your music over the last month and a half. Been fascinating....

G - Uh huh - very odd.


N - .... Which have all been highly positive. Now the reason we're talking to you today is because we have something very special to announce....

G - That's right, yeah.

N - Obviously, you miss home badly don't you?

G - Yes.

N - coming back to do some gigs back in london, thank God.

G - Well, i'm gonna do a free show for, just for NHS nurses. So that should be absolutely amazing. Just as a kind of Christmas present at the end of the tour.

n - ok

G - specifically for NHS nurses.

N - why just the nurses? is there a specific reason why?

G - the genuine reason is that almost 10 years ago, when my mother died, in the week before that, I promised myself if I ever had a concert tour again I would do a show, a free show for nurses because I just... in that week I was just so blown away by what amazing people they are and how ridiculously selfless they are, you know? And I just was so amazed at that point in time by what they did to help my family and myself. I made that promise to my friends and family and said 'You know, if it ever happens, i'm gonna make sure we get to do a show for the nurses.'

N - Ok, that's a., i have to say, a lovely thought, just before Xmas as well.

G - I think it should be great, I think it should be a really lovely atmosphere. It's just a really nice way to say thank you, you know.

N - If someone's a nurse listening now and they're thinking 'I really would like to go see George Michael at the Roundhouse' how would they get a ticket?

G - Em, well I think what they have to do is go to georgemichael.com first

N - Ok, and that's got all the details on how you apply

G - That will have the details. Basically you'll just post a name, a hospital registration number and a city and I think the names are gonna be drawn at random by a computer.

N - Ok

G - But, I think we're looking at two and a half to three thousand people I think, at the Roundhouse.

N - Is it really? Is it that big? Ok, that's good.

G - Yeah, so yeah, as long as you're genuine and you're not gonna try and think you can turn up... actually as many uniforms as the ladies would like to wear. My tour crew would be very happy! You know, give them a lovely treat at the end of the tour.

N- Laughing...So this is the Xmas bonus from GM to his crew, isn't it?

G - Yeah, a thank you to the nurses. It's also a thank you to my crew on tour yeah.

N - Just refurbed the Roundhouse as well haven't they? Not too far from home either for you, is it? So that's quite good.

G - That's right. it's only like 5 minutes down the road really.

N - Roll down the hill and you'll be there!

G - Laughs Naughty naughty!

N - When I mean roll, you know what I mean - just casually glide down in your limo, that's what i meant. ok.

G - Avoiding all traffic lights....

N - Exactly! Now you're playing live and enjoying it so much, is there a part of you that regrets not doing it earlier?

G - No not really. I think the truth is I just wasn't ready to do it earlier. You know, life throws you out what you can handle, I suppose. And I had so much going on, I reallly don't think i could have handled it and I was, I suppose I was nervous of doing something that I shouldn't have been nervous about really.

n - yeah

g - i mean, really, i'm absolutely thrilled that it's so easy and that my approach to it is so different because it means i can keep doing it, you know.

n - sure. are you gonna do america now? has it sort of given you the will to go over to the states?

G - well, i'm not quite sure. I've still gotta make a decision as to that. But you know, it's looking increasingly likely.

N - Ok. Cause I'm sure that the demand's been enormous. I mean worldwide, you've. It's one of the fastest ever selling tours, wasn't it? In history.

G - Absolutely , yeah.I think it's up there in probably the top 3 or 4.

N - Not that your ego needs massaging, but it must be nice, every now and again, particularly when you haven't done it for a long time that demand IS so high? You know, you've got the greatest hits album and that's selling like hot cakes. It's all looking fantastic again for GM, isn't it?

G - Well, it would be lovely, it would be great if we have a number one album this week, It would be a bonus, but either way, you know? The greatest hits album is out there and i'm pretty sure it'll do well but really it's the tour which is the big deal really.

N - Sure

G - You know, coming home to play

N - i know you're playing london earls court saturday the 25th will be the next time you're in town. Then you're also doing some dates when you come back in december at wembley arena, so...

G - yeah, that's right yeah

N - I presume the last one.. that last one before Xmas, the sort of Friday 15th Dec... Is that a big party?

G - It might not necessarilly be the last date...

N - Oh really?

G - mmmhmmmm

N - What, still maybe more to add?

G - there might still be something else to go but we'll...

N- Oh George....

G - But definitely the last thing that will happen before Xmas is this show. This nurses' show.

N - Alright

G - Do tell them it's free by the way!

N - Absolutely free?

G - Yeah, absolutely free. The whole point is they dont have to pay for the tickets

N - alright george. Thank you very much. lovely to speak to you

G - alright. lovely to speak to you!

N - Look forward to seeing you when you're back in town

G - Thanks so much Neil and thank you to everyone that's gonna be showing up, hopefully.

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