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28 Novembre 2005

Johnny: I'm pleased to tell you George Michael is here gang. You alright there George?

George: You want me to clap for myself?

Johnny: Yeah, just clap for yourself. If you can’t clap yourself, who can you clap for?

George: I normally do just before I go to bed - give myself a little round of applause for the day.

Johnny: Ladies and gentlemen, George Michael is going to bed.

George: Some people pray I have a little clap.

Johnny: Anyway, George…let's get serious and focused a bit.

George: Do we have to? I’ve only just arrived.

Johnny: You're fired up with coffee as well, aren't you?

George: I am, absolutely, raring to go.

Johnny: You’ve made a new movie about your life, ‘George Michael – A Different Story’.
It is my honour to be introducing the film, the gala opening, I think, in a week’s time. It is billed as a
brutally honest, guided tour of your life. Tell us a bit about it then. I
mean how honest is it gonna be this?

George: Well it's pretty, I mean most people who've seen it are quite surprised by
it really because what happened was, we filmed it over the course of a
year and a half and by the time we got towards the end and I did my last
interview for it I, it was, you know, I was really comfortable with the
people involved by then.

Johnny: Always dangerous isn’t it?

George: Yeah, absolutely.

Johnny: you're getting quite comfy here now?

George: You never know what you can get out of me in the next 10 minutes.

< laughter >

Johnny: Zoe's got your tea, that's always a classic trick just to get you
settled down.

George: Yeah, well the thing is, I mean, I've done so little in the way of kind of
interviews over the last 15 years or so, that I really kind of thought that it
would be a good thing to let the people that actually supported me through
all those, kind of, ups and downs to let them know really what it was like.

Johnny: So the people that are going to it are obviously George Michael fans?

George: Yeah, exactly.

Johnny: They know about the kind of timeline of your life, the chronology of events, Wham!
there, that there, what you're now gonna do is kind of give them..

George: Well basically, you know I've responded to very few headlines over the
years, doyouknowwhatimean? So there needs to be one real account of what
happened from me, youknowwhatimean?

Johnny: Let me ask you George…what would you say has been the best moment of your career?

George: My god!

Johnny: I know it’s hard to pick moments but come on, if you could pick a moment, even at the time you thought...’ this is
as good as it gets son’?

George: Probably the American Music Awards in 1989, I think it was, when I got the
Best Album and also got the Best R’n’B Singer.

Johnny: And the worst?

George: I tell you what... the worst moment was probably realising, I was on TOTP in
'87, and being the 80s I was wearing one of those tasselled jackets and a pair of cowboy

Zoe: Course you were.

George: But it’s much worse than it sounds because what happened was on
the way to the stage, I realised that these brand new spanking new pair of
cowboy boots I’d worn were kind of sticking out under the jeans like a big
ridge, just below my knees right, and I'm panicking walking towards the stage thinking
'what do I do, what do I do', so I did the worst thing imaginable...

Johnny: That caused you to panic that much?

George: I did the worst thing imaginable.................and I tucked them in.

Johnny & Zoe (in disbelief) NO! Noooooooooooooooo!!!

George: But listen…the bit that gets me is that, what happened was…having seen
the hysterical mistake I guess, the director decided to start the song by
panning up my legs.

Johnny: <disbelief & laughter> It’s so embarrassing, I can empathise. I'm feeling really embarrassed for you. It’s shocking.

George: So yeah, that was probably an all-time low I think.

Johnny: Going back to back in the day, what would be your favourite song from back
in the day?

George: God. I would say Everything She Wants.

Zoe: Oh that's nice, I love it, I love it, I love it.

Johnny: Do you know what, I so predicted that…look, if I press this button
here, we never spoke about it before, if I press this button here, how about
this gang? Check it out.

George: This is gonna be wrong isn't it?

<ESW starts playing>

Johnny: That was George Michael. You alright there George? Having a good morning?

George: Yes, I'm fine.


Johnny: George Michael’s with us this morning! (in a Greek voice) Hey George, people forget the Greek connection.

George: “Is very sad” (in a Greek voice).

Johnny: You just doing Wood Green Shopping Centre…

George: What is it? Wood Green Shopping City isn’t it? “Is Wood Green Shoppy City!” Or, there’s another really good one for Chartered Accountant, is “Charting Account”.


George: Cos you know, that’s one of the things that’s very good to be if you’re Cypriot, a Chartered Accountant.

Johnny: George, A Different Story your new film about your life, its UK premiere is
next Monday at the Curzon Mayfair, I'm gonna be there announcing it, which
should be a big gig for me that one.

George: Oh good, excellent.

Johnny: You're responsible for one of the biggest Christmas song of all time, Wham!'s Last
Christmas, a classic and I would say the best visual representation of the
range of knitwear available.


Johnny: We wanted to ask you your view on a few singles (Greek accent) that are hoping to
be big this Christmas. So check it out, here's a bit of our first wannabe
Christmas Number Ones and this is Robbie Williams, Advertising Space.

Johnny: What do you think there George?

George: Ermmm....<laughs>

Johnny: Are you a fan of Robbie? Actually is it pretty hard for you to comment on
these things I know it is?

George: Well, you know I don't want to sound negative really.

Johnny: A good pro never really says something bad about another pro I always think.

George: Oh, I know. I've broken that rule a few times I think.

Johnny: I know, I wasn't saying you were a good pro, but go on.

George: Exactly. It's never been my cup of tea. I gotta be honest with you…it's obviously
a massive hit, it's not gonna be a change in Robbie's fortune there.

Johnny: Still, for me, it's still a sample of ‘forget-me-nots’ short of a hit.


Johnny: Ok, let's have…(blurb about a singer – haven’t a clue who)

George: Yeah, it's pretty nice isn't it...<laughter>…he might want to team up
with a lyricist.

Zoe: Awwww, ‘eyes in disguise’ – it rhymes.

George: It's a nice little track.

Zoe: <hissing cat noise>

Johnny: D’you know what I love? We thought we’d bring George Michael in and he’d be all sort of fluffy but he’s, just can’t help being catty when you talk about music, you can’t help but being honest!

George: I know, I know... it's my weak spot. Ask me about something else I’ll lie fantastically well.

Johnny: Ask me one on sport.

George: Yes, exactly.

Johnny: Do you know what? I don’t know if I can. I think you’ll think this is about the most dreadful record you’ve ever heard. This is our big charity record for Help A London Child. I supplied some of the vocal here and this is the Van Weasel – this is our downloaded charity Christmas record.

Johnny: Do you know what I like about that? It’s so London. It’s quality.

George: It's an instant classic.

Zoe: I can't believe you're already singing along already with that George.

George: It's like one of those records you can't believe it hasn’t been written
before...<laughter>…how did no-one think of that before?

Johnny: Do you know what George, I tell you what, you're on cracking form today.

George: Am I ?

Johnny: Yeah, really good form.


Johnny: George, it's been a pleasure so far.

It's been really quite boring for me... can you crank it up a bit?

Johnny: The good news is... George Michael is here... are you alright Georgie son?

Very well thank you.

Johnny: Is the tea good?

George: I haven't tasted it yet actually.

Johnny: Go on, have a big sip.

George: I forgot.

Johnny: That's Zoe's tea, she's good. What did you say you’d give that?

George: I'll give that a 6.

Zoe: A 6? Well you shouldn't have let it get cold, should you?

George: You forgot the sugar for a start!

Johnny: Milk and 2. NATO standard.

Johnny: Capital Breakfast. George Michael’s here. As I live and breathe. Now,’George Michael - A Different Story’ is a new film about his life, its UK premiere is next
Monday at the Curzon Mayfair, I'm gonna be there, keep listening to win

Johnny: George, I have to ask you any new music coming from you?

George: Well, I'm writing right now actually...very strangely I actually wrote a
Christmas song this week.

Johnny & Zoe: Ooohh!!!

George: I don't know why.

Johnny: Because it’s nearly Christmas, time of the year?


George: Well actually that doesn't really apply because I wrote Last Christmas in
February so it doesn't really apply but this time...I suppose you're right,
it's the time of the year and I think it's really good, I'm not sure.

Zoe : So when are we expecting some new music then, any ideas?

George: Well, the thing is the deal I did with Sony to release Patience included two
tracks for a compilation, so there'll be two singles next year that will go
on a compilation but there's other stuff going on next year but I don't want
to talk about it quite yet.

Zoe: OK. Well actually...is it a Wham comeback tour?

George: Please!

Johnny: Come on...we know Andrew Ridgeley is staying in your place at the moment...
come on.

George: There's nothing being planned on that...

Johnny: If you're wanna do it do it right!

Zoe: Come on!

George: Bless his heart, even if I wanted to do it, you know Andrew would never do

Johnny: Come on, he’s itching to get the shorts on.

George: I'm afraid I can't get into those shorts anymore

Zoe: You, Andrew, Pepsi, Shirlie!

George: Mind you, actually the fastening was Velcro so maybe I could get into

Johnny: Of course you could…a body like yours. I know you go down the gym
these days as well.


George: Absolutely!

Johnny: You look like a god.

George: I know.

Johnny: <puts on Greek accent> A Greek god…you look like Adonis. Presumably you're gonna go to Elton's wedding next month?

George: Yeah that's right.

Johnny: I gather it's gonna be a very low key event.

George: Well, yeah…I think so. I think they're having a kind of hen night before
it which is not gonna be so low key. I might not be there for that.

Johnny: Oh go on, you gotta be.

George: But yeah absolutely, I'm going to the wedding, of course.

Johnny: Yeah, but Elton's hen night will be a blast.

George: Yeah probably yeah. I just don't know, I don't know if I'm up for
something that.

Johnny: To me Elton's hen night unmissably good! I wish I could give tickets
away on Capital - that would be marvellous.

George: Maybe you can.

Johnny: Fantastic, win tickets to Elton's hen night, biggest hen night in

George: Win George Michael's ticket to Elton's hen night!


<competition details>

Johnny: George thank you very much for coming in here today. We had an absolute blast.

George: Thank you, thank you. I had a good time.

Johnny: Ladies and gentlemen, George Michael.

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